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Children's Tomatina 2023: Find out what it is and when this unique children's festival takes place.


The acclaimed Tomatina Infantil 2023 is a special version of the iconic celebration, adapted for younger children. This festival offers children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fun of a tomato battle, but in a safe and controlled environment. It's a perfect way for the little ones to experience the exciting Tomatina in an environment designed for their enjoyment.

When is the Tomatina Infantil 2023 event taking place?

Tomatina Infantil 2023 is scheduled for 26 August 2023. Mark this date on your calendar and get ready to see children enjoy a unique experience full of laughter, tomatoes and unforgettable moments. Buñol is transformed into a world of fun and colour so that children can be part of this exciting tradition. It will be held in the Plaza del Pueblo and is open to children aged between 4 and 14 years old.

Do you want your children to enjoy La Tomatina as much as you do?

The festive Tomatina Infantil 2023 offers children the opportunity to join the celebration in a safe and exciting way. Parents and guardians can rest easy knowing that their little ones will be taking part in an event specially designed for them, where they can laugh, throw tomatoes and create unique memories.


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