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About Us

The Falla las Ventas of Buñol was founded in 1961 and since then activities in the Tomatina day are held to further increase the festival. In the beginning, activities were enjoyed by the neighbors of the town of Buñol, in the following years people from nearby places were incorporated, and in recent years, there are more international tourists who enjoy the Tomatina with us.

Since the city council of Buñol took the decision to include a rate to limit access to the site of the Tomatina Festival in the year 2013, the Falla las Ventas of Buñol began to focus its activities on international tourists, to welcome them better and offer a range of value added services such as drinks, meals, showers,…

Each year have been increasing these services, in this way in the year 2014 an agreement with the official Tour Operator of the Tomatina was signed to accommodate a larger number of tourists who come to Buñol to enjoy one of the most international festivals that are celebrated in Spain.

Seeing that companies that have little or nothing to do with Buñol earn as much as possible through Tomatina but they do not invest this profit to the town, we decided to take a step forward so that financial resources derived from the Tomatina will be invest in the town. In this way, the citizens of Buñol can enjoy the festivals organized by Falla las Ventas of Buñol all year long.

Over the years we are getting more experience and full satisfaction of tourists, so that in the year 2017 we establish website and an agreement of collaboration with Pareventia was signed in order to market the tourist packages related to the Tomatina.


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